I just got a new pair of glasses

This is not really news, but a year ago I started feeling that my eyesight was changing and I went to my  opthalmologist to get a check-up. He told me I would soon be needing bifocals and added that I was 10 years early for those. Great.

When I went for my check-up last April I got a prescription for multifocals and since my father had good experience buying his mutifocals from abroad, I placed an order with the company he has used. The glasses arrived yesterday. I have been wearing them since I got up this morning, and I can see they will take some getting used to. It's somewhat like having your head underwater. Using them is going to involve more head movements and more eye movements while my physical memory gets to grips with the gradually changing focal lengths of the lenses, but hopefully it will only take a few days to get used to. It will be a relief to not have to peer under the rims when I am doing my crocheting or sewing while watching TV and to not have to take my glasses off when I need to read product labels at the supermarket (I always take them off for reading books, but the way my eyesight has been changing, in a couple of years I am probably going to start needing reading glasses). 

The best part? By ordering them from abroad I only paid about 1/5 to 1/4 of what I would have paid had I bought them locally.


George said…
I wear blended tri-focals. As you say, it takes a while to adjust to them, but now I can't work without them. Many of my friends have opted for the Lazik eye surgery, but I don't want lasers anywhere near my eyes. I'll stick with glasses.
Bibliophile said…
I did consider Lazik, but I would prefer to buy glasses at a fraction of the cost and spend the money on other things.
One of my friends is a -10 and is going for Lazik next week. It will be very strange to see her without glasses - she had been wearing them for 30 odd years.
Dorte H said…
I think my glasses are called progressive lenses, and they are perfect for work, driving, reading, watching TV etc, but for my computer I use the old reading glasses - I need to be able to see the whole screen.
Bibliophile said…
Mine are progressive too. I have enough distance between me and the computer screen that I can use them for computer work as well. I do have to wear the glasses slightly lower down on my nose than I'm used to, in order to hit the right focal point, but they are so light that it doesn't bother me.

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