Reading in Reykjavík on Scene of the Blog

My blog is being featured on Kittling Books in Scene of the Blog today.
 Every Wednesday, Cathy, the Kittling blogmistress, shares another book blogger’s blogging space with her readers. Book bloggers from all over the world have sent her photos and descriptions of the areas where they do most of their blogging from. This has proved to be a very popular feature and a great way for bloggers to connect. I’m thrilled to be included in the group.

 Kittling Books is an award-winning book blog which features reviews, author interviews, announcements of upcoming titles and other interesting features.


Geosi said…
Good to know and thanks for introducing me to Kittling Books.Cheers!
George said…
Congratulations! You are very deserving of this honor.
Robyn said…
I love Scene of the Blog. Great to find you and I'm a new follower.
Cathy said…
Thanks for being such a wonderful guest!

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