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2013 Online Reading Challenge Round-up, Part V: Romance

The next genre I chose to feature is romance, starting with none other that Miss Jane Austen herself:  The Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge is hosted (where else) on Austenprose. As the title suggests, it is a celebration of the 200th publication anniversary of Jane Austen's most famous book. This is a year-long challenge and sign-up ends on July 1. The aim is to read, listen to or watch between 1 and 12 books, audio books, movies, TV series or web series (there are 3 incremental levels) hat are adaptations, sequels or spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice . There are prizes to be won and more rules can be found in the sign-up post. The Book Vixen is hosting two romance challenges I chose to feature (and a few more): The Romantic Suspense challenge runs all year long and you can sign up whenever you want. The goal is simply to read 13 romances belonging to the suspense sub-genre. Any format is allowed, as are re-reads and crossovers from other challenges, and

2013 Online Reading Challenge Round-up, Part IV: Paranormal challenges

The craze for paranormal literature is still going strong and this is reflected in the growing number of reading challenges being offered. By the way, if you see a bloody mess of images and text on the screen, blame Blogger. I have given up trying to fix it. We begin with the Paranormal Fiction 2013 Reading Challenge, hosted by Reading with Martinis. This is a year-long challenge with no sign-up deadline and 4 levels. Reviewing does not seem to be required, but some kind of online tracking is. There are only 4 participants so far, but I see an opportunity for someone who is doing the Reading Challenge Addict challenge to combine it with the next challenge - or even all of the following challenges - for extra points: The Paranormal Reading Challenge is hosted by Auntie Spinelli Reads and Megan Likes Books . This is a challenge to read books featuring several different paranormal creatures. It is a year-long challenge with sign-ups open until December 1. Posting reviews is

Reading report for January 2013

Edit: Have I ever mentioned that I !# * &>" % hate it that the Undo command on Blogger is utterly  useless and that certain actions can not be undone at all, such as retrieval of accidentally deleted posts and pages? I think I have. I wrote this post at home last night and published it this morning from work and then went to write a post that I then decided to delete. I must have had a cross-eyed moment, because I deleted this post accidentally instead. Arrrrgggghhhhh! However: I am fortunately not completely helpless around computers and was able to retrieve it from my home computer's cache. Imagine if I'd had to write it all over again. Somehow such writings never seem as good as the lost original.  Therefore: Folks: I heartily recommend setting Blogger to send you a copy of all your blog posts by e-mail, which is what I have done now and should have done much sooner. It may save you a lot of time and prevent panic in the future. And now we resume regular p