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Book blogging elsewhere

I am experimenting with book blogging on Tumblr. I like the ease with which one can blog - and reblog - on Tumblr and it has, to some extent, revived my interesting in blogging about books. The new blog is wider in scope than this one, and more photo-oriented.  I started out posting some of my photographs of books, and have started adding mini reports of the books I have been reading. The format of the latter is not exactly reviewing and not exactly book journalling, but but a little of both. I post a cover image, a sentence/paragraph from the book (usually the first or last of either, but if neither is interesting I may quote something from within the book) and a paragraph or two about the contents, genre and my impression of it. I'm also considering adding links to other bloggers' more in-depth reviews, but haven't started yet. The Tumblr blog is here , if you want to take a look, and if you're specifically looking for the aforementioned book reports, the hashtag i