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List love: 10 books that feature angels and/or demons

Apropos of nothing, I decided to make a list of books featuring angels and demons in important - although not necessarily starring - roles.  I also decided to stick to angels and demons that are recognisably Christian in origin, so the Amulet of Samarkand doesn't qualify, and neither does Vathek, an Arabian Tale because while the demon Eblis plays an important role in it, he is mostly off stage. Here are 10 books, including two poems and a play, that feature one or more demons and/or angels. I have read the first 9 in their entirety, and read a good part of 'Inferno' from The Divine Comedy . Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman - both. I probably should mention The Omen as well, because Good Omens is a parody of it, but I haven't read it and I can barely remember the film. The Devil‘s Detective by Simon Kurt Unsworth - both. Read my review here . Eric by Terry Pratchett - demons. This is a parody of the German legend of Faust and while it takes plac

I'm back, don't know for how long...

I was wondering before I wrote this if it was better to just start posting again as if nothing had happened, or to make an announcement, outlining my plans for the blog. In the end I decided on the middle way: just to say I'm back, and I have plans, but for now they will go unannounced and I will start posting a couple of times a week. I'll begin by posting some of the partially finished posts that have been languishing in my draft queue since I stared my last blogging break. In any case, I don't expect there are many readers left for this blog, but that's okay because this blog is really just a place for me to gather my thoughts about books and reading in general and specifically about the books I read. Readers are a bonus for me, not a necessity. That's not to say I don't appreciate knowing they're out there, so if you feel like letting me know of your existence, do leave a comment. (No spam, please).