Top Ten tuesday: TV series I either was or could become hooked on

Top Ten Tuesdays is a listing meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

It's been ages since I last participated in the Top Ten Tuesday meme, but felt like participating in today's topic: TV.

It's pretty much left up to the participants how they interpret this, so I decided to do a double feature of TV series I have, at some point, watched religiously, and TV series I think I could become hooked on. So, without further ado, here are my lists:

6 TV shows that I watched religiously at some point:


The Little House on the Prairie. The very first soap opera I got hooked on, when there was only one local TV station and this was required viewing before Sunday dinner.

The original Dallas. The first adult soap opera I got hooked on. I think I probably saw every episode of seasons one through four and some of the next couple of seasons. Then my interest began to vane.



Cheers. I watched this pretty much from beginning to end and felt as if the characters were my close friends.

The X Files. I pretty much stopped watching when they moved away from the supernatural/paranormal stuff and into aliens, but it would be interesting to watch it from beginning to end, including the movies and season 10.


Charmed. Every episode of seasons one through four, and a good number of season five, but nothing after that.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched it religiously for a couple of seasons while I had access to the TV station that showed it and and then whenever I could. My brother has the whole series on DVD and it would be fun to watch it all at some point when I have finished watching all the DVDs I have bought but never watched.


4 TV series, past and present, that I could become hooked on:


Friends. I like Friends and have watched a number of episodes, but it ran on a TV station I did not have access to, so I mostly saw it when visiting my friends or aboard international flights. I recently acquired the whole 10 seasons on DVDs, and I will be watching it at some point, and I expect it will be difficult not to become hooked and binge-watch the whole thing.


The Big Bang Theory. The few episodes I have seen have all been very funny.


Supernatural. I recently bought a second-hand DVD pack of season 1 and have watched a couple of episodes and like the look of it.

Game of Thrones. I have only watched one episode of this and could definitely become hooked.

I have been on a trip down memory lane since I wrote this, remembering more shows I loved:

Roseanne was great. I also loved The Nanny, but only ever saw a few episodes.  Law and Order SVU I liked as well, and CSI (the original series). Oh, and how could I forget Will and Grace?

 Then there's Absolutely Fabulous, To the Manor Born, Father Ted, Little Britain, Doctor Who... I could do a whole post about just classic British shows I loved.

Then there was Derrick (a German detective show), The Golden Girls, Soap, Hill Street Blues, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, and, dare I say it: The Cosby Show. I didn‘t mention The Cosby Show in my original post because although I probably saw as many as 80% of the episodes, my memories of it have become tainted by recent events.


Giovanna said…
I use to love Little House On the Prairie! We use to watch it with my mom, every morning before school! Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!
Greg said…
Dallas was the bomb! I still have fond memories of that, and the opening theme music. Southfork Ranch lol. And Little House- a classic. those were comforting shows as I look back.

I have mixed feelings on Game of Thrones, in some ways I question a lot of their choices as they adapt the books (especially early seasons) but I enjoyd the last season a lot, and i know it must be monumentally difficult to adapt a series like this. So I gotta give 'em some slack. :) And I've only watched a few Big Bang episodes but they've been funny.

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