Tentative reading plan for August and July progress

I didn't manage to finish Time and Again as I had planned, mostly because I don‘t want it to end, but I will have to finish it this month because I can‘t keep it much longer and must return it to the library soon. I did finish Between the Woods and the Water and am now hoping against hope that Fermor will publish the third and final part of this travelogue before he succumbs to old age. I also finished rereading the second Harry Potter book as planned, and three non-fiction books, which was fewer than I wanted to but more than I expected. Finally, I made no headway at all with the Top Mysteries Challenge. Hopefully my little break from reading mysteries will give me a renewed interest and a boost for August.

As to what I would like to accomplish this month: I visited a public library branch I don‘t often go to and came home with a stack of interesting travelogues. I would like to finish at least three of them in August. Let's call it a mini-challenge to read more non-fiction.

I have a biography of Charles Dickens by Jane Smiley lined up for the Bibliophilic Book Challenge, and plan to reread the fourth Harry Potter book (having already finished the third on August 1st). On my next library visit I will hopefully be able to check out a copy of Captain Pantoja and the Special Service so I can continue reading it, but it will have to be the Icelandic translation instead of the English one, because apparently there is only one library copy available of the English translation, and that‘s the one that started shedding pages when I began to read it.

As to the TBR challenge, I would like to finish at least 5 books in that, 2 of which will hopefully also be Top Mystery Challenge books.


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