Salinger's Toilet , OR, The lengths to which some people will go to make money

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read that an old toilet from a house that belonged to author J.D. Salinger was up for auction on Ebay. I laughed even louder when I read that the asking price was 1 million US Dollars. The thought that anyone would actually buy something like this strikes me as very funny, but in today's celebrity culture it wouldn't surprise me if someone actually bought it. I also couldn't help thinking that "Salinger's Toilet" would make a fine title for a surrealistic short story or a novel.


Dorte H said…
If Salinger´s toilet is too expensive for you, you could go for Winston Churchill´s false teeth. They were sold recently, and they didn´t cost nearly as much.

I wouldn´t even spend large sums of money on valuable first editions. I would always think about how many ordinary books I could get for the same sum.

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