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Short stories 141-145

Just finished

Friday night folklore: The bear and the baby

Short stories 136-140

The Princeton Murders by Ann Waldron

Short stories 131-135

Now reading

Short stories 121-125

Friday night folk tale: Axlar-Björn

Short stories 126-130

A double-edged blurb if I ever saw one

Short stories 121-125

Folk tale: The hidden ones

Bibliophilic Book Challenge: Stevenson Under the Palm Trees by Alberto Manguel

Bibliophilic book challenge: The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton

Another book of cartoons I am reading

It's funny

Now reading

Bibliophilic Book challenge: The Hours by Michael Cunningham

Friday night folklore: Eve's hidden children

Now reading, and listing dilemma (brought on by sleeplessness)

It's been ages...

I'm on the home stretch

Short stories 116-120

Short stories 111-115

The results are in

Reading report for April 2010