The Resurrection Club

Originally published in August 2004, in 2 parts.
Book 29 in my first 52 books challenge.

Author: Christopher Wallace
Year published: 1999
Pages: 231
Genre: Horror
Where got: Public library

Picked this book up at the library because I liked the title.

The Story:
Public relations man Charles Kidd is hired by sleasy Peter Dexter to promote a mysterious art exhibition. Also involved are a young IP lawyer, Claire, who works for an Edinburgh law firm, and Daniel Lowes, a man who participates in a happening organized by Dexter. The story of a Dr. Brodie, a 19th century Edinburgh doctor who has invented a device designed to store the human soul, is also told. The character’s paths all cross before the end, except Dr. Brodie who only meets two of the law firm’s representatives, who also turn up at the happening.

The story is told in many voices: that of Charles Kidd telling his story, of a third person narrator telling Dr. Brodie’s story, someone at Claire’s law firm typing a report on events, and Daniel Lowes being interviewed about the art happening.

My feelings about this book:
I’m trying hard to be objective, but I can’t. This book sucks big time. It begins to annoy almost right away, and around the halfway point it starts to grate in its contrivance. By the end you begin to wonder if it’s the same book that critics describe as ‘gripping’. There wasn’t anything in it that gripped me (griped is more like it), except a slight curiosity about how it would all end, what momentous event all the crap was leading up to, but even that was anticlimactic.

A genuine wall-banger of a book. 1 star.

Note: Hmmm. I think I might have to read this again, just to see if time has softened my opinion of it. However, I am not a masochist, so maybe I will just leave it alone.


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