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Friday Links, 8 September 2017

Friday links is where I post links to blogs and websites I want to remember without cluttering up my browser bookmarks, along with interesting articles, reviews and lists I want to bring to the notice of others, and other stuff I find on the web.

I should be in Germany by now, after a short visit to Alsace in France.

Here's today's mixed bag of links:

Do you like art? Here's some lovely artwork by a very talented artist: Russian Artist Reveals Her Mysterious Sketchbook To TheWorld, And It’s Full Of Visual Secrets. Why DO we read? How about writing?  Here's one writer's attempt to answer that question: Why We Read and Why We Write.I recently read and reviewed West With the Night by Beryl Markham and when I was researching the book's background I discovered that there are those that claim it was written by a man. I also recently reread Cold Comfort Farm, in which a male character is working on a book in which he claims to prove that all of the Brontë sisters…

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