Wrapping up the What's in a Name reading challenge

I always have fun doing the What's in a Name reading challenge, and this year was no exception. I signed up for it on July 28, and it took me just under two weeks to read and review the first five books - and 2 1/2 months to find, read and review the sixth and last book.

 I posted my first review on August 1, the day after I finished it, and the last one I posted on October 22, two days after I finished it.

The books and categories were, in order of reviewing: 
 The genres were not as varied as they have sometimes been, with two fantasies, two biographies, a history book and a mystery. Even some of the sub-genres overlap, with each other and the main genres: Both fantasies are also love  stories, one of the biographies is also a history book and one of the fantasy books is also a mystery, and the other fantasy book and the mystery also have thriller elements in them. 

As for reading enjoyment, the order goes like this, from most to least enjoyable: 
Howl's Moving Castle - West With the Night - Alexandria - Dr. Mütter's Marvels - 1968- A Knife at the Opera.

Of the six, I only want to reread for first two. I am keeping those, and also Alexandria, because it's a work of art, plus if I ever get my hands on the other two books in the trilogy, I want to be able to read them all in the right order.



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