Friday links, 20. October 2017

Friday links is where I post links to blogs and websites I want to remember without cluttering up my browser bookmarks, along with interesting articles, reviews and lists I want to bring to the notice of others, and other stuff I find on the web.

I took an unplanned break from blogging because I got roped into doing some teaching and preparing for that stuff is time-consuming. I have been steadily reading and listening to audiobooks all this time, and currently have one review in the making and a couple of other posts I am preparing. During the blogging break, I found all sorts of interesting goodies to post in Friday Links, most of them relating to language, books, literature and reading.

Most of the ones below are not brand new, but no less interesting for that.

 Today's links:

And the list: 

In 2012, Ann Morgan set out to read books from every country in the world. She published her thoughts and reviews on the blog A Year of Reading the World. Then she got a book deal and wrote a book about her reading adventure. Today's list contains all the book recommendations she got for the project, classed by country, and would be a valuable resource for anyone planning to attempt a similar feat.


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