Friday links 4 August 2017

I haven't done one of these in months, but I have some links stored up, so it's time for another round of Friday links. I also though I needed a label for it.

I love to see how other people keep track of their reading, and this article lays out one method and links to two more: The ultimate reading spreadsheet. BTW, I also use a spreadsheet, and it's considerably more detailed than the one referenced here, so "ultimate" is perhaps not the right word for this, but it's a good start and will suit many people down to the ground. 

An interesting article about the benefits of setting up little free libraries in one's front yard. (Someone put up one near my place of work. It was quickly vandalised and the books either stolen or destroyed).

Here's an article that fans of Doctor Who and little free libraries should appreciate.

The book list:

40 Trashy Novels You Must Read Before You Die. I've read 8 of these, but the actual number of trashy novels I have read is numbered in the hundreds - they're just not all best-sellers and some are truly very, very bad. How many of these have you read, and would you recommend any of them?


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