January and February book haul, part 1

It would be easy to think, based on the lack of "look at the books I bought!" posts here lately, that I have finally been able to curb my book-buying mania, but no - I have just been too lazy to photograph my acquisitions.

Here are the books I have bought since the last time I posted a Book Haul report:

All books were bought second hand.

Here we have a mixed bag: A travel book, a biography, a light-hearted popular sociology book, a memoir, a steampunk fantasy and three books about philosophy.

  • The Weekenders and Jane Austen belong to two genres that have always been favourites of mine: travel and biography.
  • Very British Problems should be an interesting follow-up to the anthropology book I am currently reading,Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour by Kate Fox.
  • My Family and Other Animals is a perennial favourite of mine, and it was nice to be able to get a fresh copy of it, since my old trade paperback edition is falling apart.
  • Boneshaker: I like reading science fiction (if it isn't too heavy on the science), and have been wanting to delve into the steampunk sub-genre for some time.
  • The philosophy books: As a liberal arts major I had to take an introduction to philosophy course at university that I ended up doing twice because of clashing exam schedules during my first semester and changes in the course material between years. The course consisted mostly of telling us about the ancient philosophers and the basic ideas of their philosophy, and while I easily passed the exam, I was never particularly interested in the subject. Lately, however, I have started becoming interested in it and finding several books about the subject, I chose the three most likely volumes and intend to read them when my mind again turns towards such matters.

More on Saturday.


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