Reading report, February 13, 2017

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I didn't read much last week - didn't feel like making a push to finish any of the books I have been reading - but did finish one I have been steadily reading over the last couple of years:

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. This monster of a book is more than 900 pages long and I have been reading it bit by bit in the loo. It's funny (or perhaps not) that when I started it I was going "I've read that!" almost every time I turned a page, but after the 1920s these silent exclamations got fewer and fewer as I got closer to my own time, and I had only read a handful of the books published after 1990, although I own copies of several more that I plan to read when that mythical "one day" rolls around.

Much as I detest books and articles telling me I must do something, I found it interesting to see what books were chosen for inclusion in this volume. The edition I have is the original 2006 one, but I know the list has been changed in subsequent editions.

I figured it might be interesting to see how many of these books I have read, but I haven't been able to find the original 2006 list online and I am certainly not going to type it all up myself, so it will have to wait.

Its replacement in the loo is 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I expect that one will take at least a year to finish. I hope I may find some places in it that I deem worthy of visiting, but I am no more  going to start chasing those places than I am going to read all the books in 1001 Books....

I have started reading Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron and expect to finish that in rather less time than 1000 Places.... I am having slight doubts about whether or not to continue reading it (Thubron can be a bit hard to get into, as I experienced when I read one of his previous books), but I am planning to give it the 50-page treatment before deciding.


Beth F said…
Ha! I'm the same way with those books. You can always tell when I was in grad school or starting my business, because those years are kind of empty in the "I've Read That" department. Sounds like a fun book to look through.
What an interesting choice to read! I've never really thought about reading a whole book about books to read! It must have added quite a few to your TBR list. :)

I hope you have a better reading week this week. :)
I have a Google Doc of the 1001 list under the tab Perpetual Challenges. You can easily copy and paste the list from there, I think.
Poem fanatic said…
I've never really tried to read a catalog of "must-read" books. I've always chosen to scroll through infinite pages of reviews instead!
Kathy Martin said…
I am not good at reading "should read" books because, I'll admit, my reading tastes are both eccentric and low brow. I like genre fiction. Come see my week here. Happy reading!
Hopewell said…
Check the Goodreads group for reading these. Also

It gets updated from time-to-time as you've seen. The Group on Goodreads votes on one to read each month. I don't usually finish them quickly so I don't commment in the group much. I keep track of those on the list that I read though.

Lisa @
Greg said…
Seems like an interesting book. I wonder how many I've read (or want to read) would be in there...

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