Book haul for last week and the week before

I acquired 4 books in the week before last: 3 non-fiction books and one novel, and have already read two of them.

  • The big red book is a richly illustrated history of the Vikings. It was fist published back in the 1960s, so I expect some more stuff has come to light since it was written, but it's a gloriously beautiful book worth owning.
  • Common Grounds is a book on the natural history of a small area of land in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Click on the link to read my review. 
  • Alice is about what might have happened to Alice after her adventures in Wonderland.  Clink the link to read my review. 
  • The Devil in the White City is another history book.I expect I will read it soon, as it has been on my TBR list for several years.

Then I acquired 12 books last week and have already read 2 of them and started reading a third.

First photo:

  • The book in the top left corner is titled Deutschland, and is a photo book about Germany. It was published in 1964 and all the photos are black-and-white. As I have mentioned before, I am going on holiday to Germany next year and I have been gathering reading material, mostly guide books, to prepare for the trip. There is some text in this book, all of it in German, and I plan to read it in order to prepare for the trip. I studied German for 4 years when I was in my teens, but have not used it much since. My vocabulary has therefore become sadly eroded and I want to beef up on it before I set off.
  • Animalwatching is a gorgeous natural history book by zoologist Desmond Morris. It will go nicely on the shelf next to my David Attenborough books.
  • Historic Costume in Pictures is a Dover Publications reissue of a series of sumptuous costume plates originally published in Germany in the 19th century. 
  • Leonardo da Vinci's Machines is full of da Vinci's drawings of his inventions, with explanations and discussions. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching TV shows where people have built some of these machines, and was fascinated by an exhibition of scale models of some of them that I visited some years ago, so the book is a happy addition to my library.
  • Live Alone and Like It is a guide to the single life for women. It was first published in the 1930s, so I expect some of the advice will be out of date, but it will be fun to read. I just wish I could return the photograph I found inside it to it's rightful owner.

Second photo:
  • Top left: An Icelandic translation of The Joy of Sex
  • Centre, top: An old book of crochet designs. I crochet quite a lot and this book contains several classic designs.
  • The Man Who Loved China. Simon Winchester is among my favourite authors of history/biography books and this is one I have not read before.
  • The Long Earth - I thought I had a copy of this, but I couldn't find it in my library database, so when this appeared on the exchange bookshelf at work I pounced on it.
  • Nótt is an Icelandic  translation of Eli Wiesel's classic book about life in a German concentration camp during World War 2.
  • A Dubious Legacy. I was delighted to discover a Mary Wesley book I had not read before. 
  • The Solace of Open Spaces. This one I have already read and thoroughly enjoyed. (See the Weekly report).


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