Reading report for January 2011

I made good progress with the challenges in January, finishing 7 TBR books, two Top Mystery Challenge books, and one What‘s in a Name Challenge book, and furthermore I reviewed a Buchmesse Frankfurt challenge book.

Of my two rereads, one I read to re-familiarise myself with a story that began in a book I read in 2008 and the other was my final reread in the Discworld Watch sub-series. Now I am ready for Snuff when it comes out in October. Both non-challenge books were what I like to call „memoirs of place“. One is an account of a stay in Marrakesh, Morocco, in the 1950s, and the other is a mixture of a memoir of place and a conventional memoir.

The books were:

  • Suzanne Brockmann : Hot Target (reread) and All Through the Night. Romantic thrillers
  • Elias Canetti : The Voices of Marrakesh. Memoir of place.
  • Raymond Chandler : The Big Sleep. Detective novel.
  • Jennifer Crusie : What the Lady Wants. Detective romance.
  • Hugh Greene ed.: More Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Short stories about detectives.
  • John Grisham : The Firm. Thriller.
  • Bill Holm : The Windows of Brimnes. Memoir of place.
  • Ed McBain : Shotgun. Police procedural.
  • Pete McCarthy : McCarthy's Bar. Travelogue.
  • Terry Pratchett : Night Watch (reread). Fantasy detective novel.

The annual report for 2010 is ready and will be posted some time in the next few days.


Wow- I just came across your blog and gotta say I am impressed with your reading! It also reminds me that I need to broaden what I read more. Thanks - lots of food for thought here.
Bibliophile said…
Thank you for visiting :-)

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