The Cat Who Played Brahms

Originally published in June 2004, on my original 52 Books blog.

Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Year published: 1987
Genre: Mystery
Sub-genre(s): Whodunit
Where got: Public library

This is the fifth Cat Who book, and just as enjoyable as the other ones I’ve read in the series. These delightful mysteries are short enough to make a nice diversion for a couple of hours, and they never fail to entertain.

The story:
Chicago journalist Jim Qwilleran has decided to write a novel and has accepted the offer of a country cabin somewhere “up north” for the summer. The owner is Aunt Fanny, an old friend of his mother’s. Once he arrives with his cats, mysterious events start happening, a neighbour is murdered, Qwilleran may have witnessed another murder, and the locals aren’t about to let an outsider dig any deeper than necessary. Just when the mystery is solved, Qwilleran has to make a choice between going back to Chicago and accepting a job as an investigative journalist (something he has always wanted to do), or to become very wealthy and spend the next five years living in Moose County.

Technique and plot:
As with the other Braun books I’ve read, this is written in an easy and flowing style, with wonderful descriptions of people and places. The plot is well laid out and not too predictable, and, this being the oldest Cat Who book I’ve read, it explains quite a number of things I had wondered about when reading the other books.

A delightful little mystery with especial appeal to cat lovers. 3 stars and 4 purrs.


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