The Cat Who Blew the Whistle

Originally published in June 2004, on my original 52 Books blog.

Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Year published: 1995
Genre: Mystery
Sub-genre(s): Whodunit
Where got: Public library

Of the Cat Who books I’ve read, this is probably the most mysterious mystery - although in the end it turned out I had guessed correctly the identity of one of the criminals, I did get another one wrong and was uncertain about the other right until the denouement.
Unlike the previous books I have read in the series, this one definitely hints at Koko the cat being psychic rather than merely very intelligent, which is fine by me but may detract from the enjoyment by some readers who don’t like cats.

Another great mystery from Lilian Jackson Braun. 4 stars and 5 purrs.


Dorte H said…
Isn´t she the writer who is so old that readers have begun discussing if she still writes the books herself or not?
Bibliophile said…
Yes, she is. She's over 100 years old. The quality of the books drops at one point (I don't remember which book it is) so that they are only superficially mysteries but more like chronicles of life in Moose County, but then the quality of the mystery part picks up again, so that one suspects that she has had not just one but two ghosts writing for her.

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