Reading and so forth

I am going through one of my reading phases right now, one which is characterised by a short attention span and a need for getting things over with quickly, which translates into only wanting to read short books and short stories. I have also become bumbling and graceless in my movements, always moving too fast and bumping into things and people, dropping and breaking stuff and I am generally in a hurry without quite knowing why.

At work, my fingers fly over the keyboard but I can’t concentrate for longer than 20 minutes at a time, so the productivity is the same as when I plod along all day. I suppose I could say my sap is rising with the lengthening of the days and it's making me restless, but the fact is that I feel more like I am plunging into one of my depressions. This means I have a psychological wrestling match ahead of me. It hasn’t ever got bad enough that I have needed medication, but there is a very specific set of things I need to do to pull myself out from under the cloud. This may mean a break in the blogging, but we shall have to see if that happens or if I manage to keep up the routine of at least one post per day.


George said…
Hope you feel better soon. You might want to increase your Vitamin D to 4000 IU a day. And maybe watch A FISH CALLED WANDA. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
Dorte H said…
All my best wishes for you! I hope the spring will be good for you.
Bibliophile said…
Thanks for your good wishes. I always go into a down-swing at this time of year, but I thought I had gotten it over with early when three of my relatives died within 2 weeks of each other, but clearly I am in for a double doze of the new year's blues this year.

Part of my efforts for getting back into the light is to break up one or more of my established routines. I generally try to continue to blog during these episodes, because it gives me something to focus on, but when I don't read I can't generate reviews, so the posts become fewer.

Fortunately, the weather has been positively spring-like lately and the snow and ice have all but disappeared form the streets, so I am walking to work. Fresh air and increased exercise always do me good.
George said…
Several of my friends have Seasonal affective disorder at this time of year, too. You might consider checking for possible treatments.

Hope you continue to feel better!

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