The annual reading report for 2010, part 1 (finally)

2010 was a little above average for me considering the number of books I read per year in the last 5 years, or quite a bit higher if I count separately all the little Edward Gorey books collected together in the three Gorey anthologies I read. If they are counted as three volumes, I read 173 books, but if they are counted as separate books, I read 221 books. This makes a weekly average of 3,3 or 4,25 books, respectively.

If I continue with two numbers I‘ll have to come up with two sets of most of the numbers, so for the calculations below I have used the lower number.

I have no particular plans in terms of either the total number of books or the total number of pages I plan to read in 2011. I have several short novels on my TBR list which could push up the number of books read, but I also have some monster books I plan to read, so it will probably even out.

I don‘t remember any unfinished books in 2010, only books put on hold to be finished later.

Fiction: 155 (89,6%), up by 18,7% since 2009.
Non-fiction: 18 (10,4%) down by the same percentage since 2009.

My non-fiction percentage is down from 2009, showing a definite preference for fiction in 2010. I would like to read more non-fiction in 2011, at least 20% of all the books read.

Total no. of pages read: 50092, compared with 49672 in 2009.
Average number of pages per book: 290. This is 37 pages more pages per book than in 2010.
Number of books 300+ pages long: 63 (36,4%). This percentage was 29% in 2009 and 51% in 2008, and accounts for the higher number of pages read in fewer books.
Number of books of 100 pages or less: 8 (or 55 if you count the Goreys separately)

Re-reads: 8 (4,6%). This is twice as many as in 2009, but still not a lot. I find I rarely grab a book to reread it any more because I feel compelled to, but rather I do it because I have made a conscious decision to do so.
Library and loan books: 48 (27,75%). This is 10 fewer than in 2009, but the difference in percentages is only just under 2%.
E-books: 11 (6,35%). This item has more than doubled, both in number and percentages.
Audio books: 0. I listened to parts of several audio books, but finished none in 2010.
Translated books: 10 (5,8%). This is slightly fewer than in 2009, but not by much.

Books published before 1900: 3, including one from the B.C. era. I have definitely been focusing on modern literature.
Books published after 2000 (that year not included): 57, or 33%, compared with 26% in 2009.

The year I read the most books from was 2007.
I read a total of 3 books published in 2010.

Average rating per book (out of a possible 5+): Still 3+. In 2009 the actual average was 3,6 stars, but in 2010 it went down to 3,35 stars, so the average rating is ever so slightly down.
Most common rating (out of a possible 5+): As in 2009 the most common rating is 3,5 stars (representing 29 books, or 16,75%).

In 2010, no book got a score of 1, but 11 got a score of 2.
10 books got 5 stars versus 12 in 2009, and 5 got 5+ stars, which is the same number as in 2009.

Languages: I read 160 books in English in 2010, which is more than in 2009, both in numbers and percentages. The percentage in 2009 was 75,5% of the total but in 2010 it was 92,5%.
I read 13 books in Icelandic in 2010, out of which 3 were translations from 2 foreign languages. This makes a total of 7,5%, which is a lot less than in 2009, but that was an exceptional year for Icelandic books due to my book-a-week Icleandic literature challenge.

Continued tomorrow.


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