Short stories 96-100

“King Rhampsinitus and the Thief". From Great Short Stories of the World, originally from Herodotus’s History. The tale of a clever thief that could have come straight from the 1001 Nights.

“Coyote Peyote” by Carole Nelson Douglas. From The Mysterious West. A nice little introduction to the lead character of the Midnight Louie detective novels.

“Ad Astra per Aspera” by Susan Compo. From Malingering. A strange little story.

“Outside the Law”, by Anthony Berkeley. From Great Tales of Detection. A clever little psychological story about criminals in trouble. Recommended.

“The Substitute“ by Marguerite of Navarre. From The Penguin Book of French Short Stories. A coyly bawdy tale reminiscent in theme of more explicit ones found in The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales.

Just as I thought the overtime work was finished, I got more, setting me even further back in my reading.

I have only finished 4 books so far this month, and I have 5 short stories to catch up on. This I find quite sad, not because I regret not having read more, but because if I have to not read, I’d prefer it to be because of time spent with my friends or my family, and not working. However, the money will move me that much closer to my goal of going to Egypt in 2011 or 2012, so it’s not all bad.


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