Gave up on: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Not that it's a bad book, but it's one I can take or leave, and I am leaving it. The length may have something to do with it. If a book of that length - 550+ pages - has not yet captured my imagination around page 250, something is wrong, either with me or the book. I am inclined to think that in this case it's a little of both.

I may get the urge to finish it some day, but until then it goes on the Unfinished list.


Tabitha said…
I struggled to finish it, yet others say they couldn't put it down and rate it as one of the best books they've read. It'd be boring if we all liked the same, but it's funny when opinions are so varied. I was pleased to read your post though, I thought something must have been wrong with me not to enjoy this one!

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