Ending line

And deep, deep under the streets of the city, in the cool, quiet dark, the diamonds waited to shine again.
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb: Remember When

Thus ends a very satisfying read.

I would like to mention two errors that I found very entertaining. They could be the author's or could have crept in at any stage during the editing or proofing. Both are entertaining in their way, and both made me stop, go back, and smile.

One is goofy: the names of the hero and the heroine's dog get mixed up at one point. The dog has a human name and the man a rather common dog name, so it's an understandable error.
The other is, well, funny because it changes the meaning of what is being said: the misguided criminal thinks about himself as being "...entirely too young and viral to need glasses."


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