Make up your fucking mind, will you?

When I try to enter my account, I get this:


"Okay, I haven't bought anything for 2 years, so they must have deactivated the account. I'll just open a new one."

I enter my e-mail address and click on the "new customer" button. Up pops this:


"Hmmm. Maybe it's there after all." Then I try various things, like retrieve the password, jump through all the hoops required to do that, etc. and end up with this:


In order to contact them directly over this, I have to sign in. Guess what? I can't sign in because the damn system refuses to recognise my password, which I can't retrieve because while the damn system claims to have my e-mail on the register, it suddenly forgets all that once I enter all the required information in order to retrieve it. Classic Catch 22.

All I want is my old account back and the wish list of hundreds of items that I spent 5 years accumulating. If that's not possible, I want to be able to use that particular e-mail address for the new account, because I am a creature of habit and it's the one I use for all my online buying.

Fuck this, I'm heading over to


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