I have a project I have been thinking about for some time. Years ago, long before I exchanged my Icelandic food website for a blog, I translated some folk tales about the island of Drangey into English and put them up on an auxiliary website, accompanied by photos. I got some enthusiastic responses, but due to my freelance work I didn’t have the time to develop the idea further, so I filed away the idea. Now I finally have both time and inclination to put this idea into action. Numerous Icelanders have collected folk and fairy tales over the centuries so the resources are basically bottomless, meaning this could become a long-term project.

I really don’t want to add yet another blog to my already too large repertoire, so I will post them on one of my existing blogs. To begin with, the format will be one story, either a folk tale or fairy tale (or possibly even an urban legend) per week, accompanied whenever possible by photos or illustrations found in the public domain or licensed as creative commons. I will use my own photography whenever possible and appropriate.

The question is now where I should publish them: On the Iceland etc. blog, which is basically a photoblog dedicated to my travels around Iceland and other countries, or here on the 52 books blog, which is of course dedicated to literature and reading.

So I would like to ask you, dear reader, to cast your vote. Which location would you like to see these tales posted in? Please go to the survey on the right and cast your vote. If you definitely do not want to see them here, the trick is to cast a vote for the other blog.

Note that I am running surveys on both blogs, so if you read both, please cast a vote over on the other one as well.

Keep in mind that if the photoblog gets the majority vote, the project will be delayed until I have finished blogging about my holiday in India, whereas I can start right away on the literary blog.

The survey is open to the end of April. This post will remain a sticky until then, but any new posts will appear underneath it.


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