Short stories 101-105

The Lord of Château Noir”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. From Tales of Unease. A chilly psychological tale with a twist.

“Rose-coloured Teacups”, by A.S.Byatt. From Sugar and other stories. About mothers and daughters and the distance between them.

“The Yellow Slug”, by H.C. Bailey. From Masterpieces of Mystery. A dark psychological story featuring Dr. Reggie Fortune, one of Bailey’s series detectives. Made me want to read more: Recommended.

“Arsenic and Old Ideas”, by Jan Grape. From Malice Domestic 2. A cosy about one of those clever women who manage to make their men see things differently in the service of justice.

“Dougie, Spoons and the Solarium Aquarium” by Jenny Colgan. From Girl’s Night In. Funny and slightly surrealistic story about a man who loves snakes.

A stinking cold and sore throat have combined with more overtime work to set me even farther behind in my reading. I have the economic collapse and volcanic eruption to thank for all the extra work, and my mother for the cold. Separately, they are okay, but together they are a killer.


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