Time for some reading challenges, pt. 2

Here are the third and fourth reading challenges I am considering.

To read more about a challenge, just click on the image and you will be taken to the originating website.

This one is all about mythology, both fiction and non-fiction, with some specific rules. There are prizes to be won for participating in this one.

Mythology and folktales were my favourite reading material from childhood and well into my my twenties. I already have several TBR books on the subject, so I could easily combine this one with the TBR challenge, which I will be continuing next year.


This one is simply to read a certain number of Gothic novels, choosing from 4 levels:

I found myself reading a number of novels with Gothic themes this year, so why not make them a challenge for next year?


JoV said…
Don't think too long! Come join us at Read A Myth Challenge! :)

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