Short stories 311-320

  • “The Itch” by Polly Samson. About the beginning of a relationship and what may be the beginning of the end of the same.
  • “Morro” by Alecia McKenzie. About a woman who is first the ‘victim’ of sex tourism but later becomes a sex tourist.
  • “Flung” by Adele Parks. A frothy story about a jilted woman, a holiday and a fling with a younger man.
  • “Pull Me in the Pullman Carriage” by Helen Lederer. A woman going through a sexual dry spell meets a hot stranger on a train.
  • “The Plain Truth” by Claire Gilman. A plain girl gets to be sexy for a night, with consequences. Some realism, for a change.
  • “Mr Charisma” by Yasmin Boland. About a paparazza who secretly hates being one.
  • “The Sun, the Moon and the Stars” by Pauline McLynn. About a theatre production and a misunderstanding between lovers. Recommended.
  • “The Shell of Venus”, by Victoria Routledge. GNI. Spa treatment as a metaphor for healing a broken heart.
  • “Man with a Tan” by Anna Maxted. A girl meets a new guy just as she discovers that an old friend is interested in her.
  • “Storm Clouds” by Sheila O’Flanagan. Another relationship problem story, with weather as a metaphor for feelings.


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