Dogs and Goddesses

Authors: Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart & Lani Diane Rich
Genre: Supernatural romantic thriller
Year of publication: 2009
Setting & time: Ohio, USA, contemporary

Three women, Daisy, Abby and Shar, meet at a dog obedience training class and are given a mysterious drink that makes them able to understand the speech of their dogs and releases powers they didn’t know they had. They discover that, along with four other women, they are the chosen priestesses of an ancient Assyrian goddess. As if discovering they are demi-goddesses themselves wasn’t enough, they also meet Sam, Noah and Christopher, three very sexy men who all have some connection to the goddess, who has plans to take over the world. But things have changed in the four thousand years since her cult was last strong, and the goddess has to contend with free will and a goth priestess who wants her all to herself.

This is an entertaining supernatural romp of a romantic thriller which doesn’t take itself too seriously and has three feisty heroines, three delicious heroes, two villainesses and a pack of talking dogs to entertain the reader with their antics. 3 stars.


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