Short stories 141-145

The Selfish Giant” by Oscar Wilde. Wilde had a talent for writing tales that played expertly on the emotions that was perhaps only equalled by Hans Christian Andersen. This story is no exception – it’s a tale of redemption that, while sugary sweet, can still bring a tear to the eye and has deservedly become a classic. Recommended.

Julia Cahill’s Curse” by George Moore. Originally from The Untilled Field. A rather good story about an independent-minded young woman and her revenge against the patriarchy.

That Brute Simmons” by Arthur Morrison. Originally from Tales of Mean Streets. A humorous tale of a husband who finally got enough. Recommended.

Here ends the chapter of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh stories and the short stories of the Germanns begin.

“The Coming of Gandin” by Gottfried von Strassburg. Originally from Tristan and Iseault. A self-contained story from a longer narrative, a clever story of trickery turned against a trickster.

“Bruin the Bear and Reynard the Fox” by Anonymous. Originally from The Pleasant History of Reynard the Fox. Another self-contained story from a longer narrative, this one about a cruel trick well-played.


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