Short stories 126-130

“The Dream” by Apuleius. Originally from The Golden Ass. A satisfyingly spooky tale with a horrible twist. Recommended.

“The Dove and the Crow” by Anonymous. Originally from the Panchatantra. An interesting Indian fable about the weak coming together to defend themselves from the strong. Rather strangely titled, as the dove is only briefly mentioned in the beginning passages.

“The Story of Devadatta” by Somadeva. Originally from Katha-Sarit-Sagara. An anecdote about the dangers of marrying out of one’s class.

“Jamshid and Zuhak” by Abul Kasim Mansur Firdawsí. Originally from The Book of the Kings. A story about ancient kings and power struggles that reminds me strangely of the Nordic tales of antiquity (Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda) and even the Nordic myths.

Launcelot’s Tourney” by Sir Thomas Malory. Originally from Le Morte d’Arthur. An interesting tale of chivalry and justice. This reminds me that I have been planning to read the Morte d’Arthur for ages. Maybe I should make it a reading task for next month. (I have linked to that part of the book that contains the story - the passage begins in chapter III and ends in ch. VII, with ...every knight new that he was the noble knight, Sir Launcelot.")


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