Short stories 111-115

“The Girl in the Train” by Agatha Christie. From The Golden Ball . A silly, frothy little mystery.

“One Happy Family” by John S. McFarland. From A Treasury of American Horror Stories. An exploitation of one of those nasty little American hillbilly myths. Rather effectively creepy and a good job of building up a frisson of fearful expectation.

“Drakestail”. Fairy tale. From Best-loved Folktales of the World. A whimsical story about a pint-sized hero with magical helpers. Definite appeal for kids.

“Life” by Bessie Head. From Wayward Girls and Wicked Women . A brilliant but ultimately tragic story about what can happen when two worlds clash. Recommended.

“Lyfsalafúin” (The Pharmacist's Wife) by Anton Tsjekhov. From Á ég að segja þér sögu . Sweet and full of longing and nostalgia.


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