Another book of cartoons I am reading

This one is Icelandic, a compilation of several previously published collections of single-panel cartoons by artist and playwright Hugleikur Dagsson. They are sometimes funny, generally shocking and always crude, both in execution and content.

The humour is dark and cutting and there are absolutely no taboos. You might not want your kids to look at or read them, but for exposing society's fears and the sick and sordid things people will say and do to each other they are brilliant. The humour mostly comes from the style, which is child-like and crude, and when combined with the often sickening content it can make you smile or even laugh, in the same way that an old, low-tech splatter movie can - not because it's really funny but because it's so outrageously excessive and over the top that you don't know what else to do. Above all else, they should make you stop and think.

Here is a handful of his cartoons if you want to check them out. He has three books out in English, and his work regularly appears in The Reykjavik Grapevine, as did this interview.


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