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A commenter on the Smart Bitches blog mentioned that the plot of a book a reader was looking for the title of sounded like a modern rip-off of Georgette Heyer's Devil's Cub and set off a discussion of that book. So naturally I had to read it to see for myself what they were talking about.

I am ashamed to admit that I have several of Georgette Heyer's novels sitting on my TBR shelf, waiting to be read. You see, I love Heyer's writing. She is my favourite writer of historical novels, and yet I have had some of those books for several years and never tried to read them, because I have just never felt like it. In the meantime I have re-read most of my Heyer favourites at least once.

Well, the discussion finally got me into the mood to read more Heyer, and need I say I loved it? I did, although not as much as These Old Shades, in which the Duke of Avon and Léonie, the parents of the hero of this book, found each other. The Marquis of Vidal, their son, is not as attractive a hero as his father (my very favourite of Heyer's heroes), but the plot is a wonderful romp and the dialogue is as delightful as it always is in Heyer's books. The few appearances of Avon had me wishing there was more of him in the book. I pulled an all-nighter to finish it in one session, and did not regret a few yawns and drooping eyelids at work. 4+ stars.

I am now re-reading Venetia, and if I am still hungry for more once I have finished that, I'll pick one I haven't read before, probably Sprig Muslin or Arabella, or possibly Faro's Daughter.


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