It's funny

... how one book sometimes leads me to the next. The cover artwork of Sarah Caudwell's The Sibyl in Her Grave reminded me of something, but the name of the cover artist (Virginia Norey) wasn't familiar.

A couple of days after I started reading it I had an errand at the National Library, and took some time to browse. The browsing brought me to the aisle of art books, among which I noticed a whimsical spine with the hand-lettered word Amphigorey on it. It turned out to be the Edward Gorey book I mentioned earlier, and once I opened it, I realised that what the cover of The Sibyl in Her Grave reminded me of was Gorey's artwork.

So I took it home to read, and have been enjoying Gorey's inky black humour between chapters of The Sibyl in Her Grave. I also brought home another volume of cartoons which are no less dark, although cruder than Gorey's both in execution and humour (more on that later).


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