What's in a Name challenge 2016 Wrap-Up

It's time to wrap up my first challenge of the year. I signed up for the What's in a Name challenge on August 12, so I was late to the game, but not as late as in 2012, when I started at the end of August.

I posted my first review on August 18, and the last on September 27, so it took me 6 weeks, give or take, to finish it - counted in reading time, not by reviewing dates.

The challenge got me back in the groove of reading, as I had been in the kind of slump where I wanted desperately to read but couldn't decide which TBR book to pick up next, so I usually ended up with rereads or loan books I needed to return soon.

The challenge gave me something solid to base my choices on, and as a matter of fact I think I may continue letting my book choices be guided in a similar way. One coffee break at work when I had nothing better to do I decided it might be fun to see what categories had been used in previous What's in a Name challenges that I had not participated in. I came up with a nice list of categories that I just might use to help me decide what to read, but more about that later...

Here are the books I chose, shown in the order I reviewed them and with links to the reviews:

Half of the books were mystery novels. Of the rest, there was one romantic historical novel and two non-fiction books, one a travelogue and the other an expatriate memoir, so there was not a whole lot of genre variety.

Of the six, my favourites were Show me the Magic and The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, but I was happy with all the choices. Technically, I could have used the non-fiction books for the other challenge I am participating in, the Nonfiction one, but I decided that since the aim was to get me reading more, that would be cheating. And now to finish the Nonfiction challenge!


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