5 links on a Friday #4

Here are 5 more links from various directions:

Reading-related motion sickness explained:
Reading Makes You Carsick Because Your Brain Thinks It’s Being Poisoned.
I found out long ago how to avoid this problem: I put on headphones and played music while I read and somehow that enabled me to not get car-sick. These days I don't seem to get motion sickness while reading, even without headphone and music. 

On the unexpected benefits of reading romances:
Scholarly Lessons I’ve Learned From Trashy Romance Novels
Yup, been there. I know all sorts of strange and unusual words from reading romances, including a number of colourful cant and slang terms gleaned from the meticulously researched historical novels of Georgette Heyer (which are decidedly not trashy). 

A review that made me want to read the book: 
Putting literature in its place. 

Book recommendations: 
I have read 17 of the novels on the list. Here are some of my own recommendations and reviews of epistolatory novels. 


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