5 links on a Friday #6

Verbed nouns:
Why ‘medalling’ and ‘summering’ are so annoying.  People have been turning nouns into verbs for centuries – so why does it grate so much? Brandon Ambrosino takes a look.

On trashy novels:
In Defense of Trash. Why Pleasures Should Never Be Guilty, From Valley of the Dolls to Bonkbusters.
Book list:
11 Books Inspired by Shakespeare.
I have only read one of these (The Daughter of Time), but The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and A Thousand Acres are on my "read when I have the time" list.

The art of illustrating your own books:
The Lost Art of Custom-Illustrating Your Favorite Books. On Grangerizing, the 19th-Century DIY Craze.

And, finally, a video: 
8 Writers on Facing the Blank Page from Louisiana Channel on Vimeo.



Trish said…
Verbed nouns! What a great article. Thanks for sharing that link.

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