Oops! Forgot to post this yesterday as planned... (Book haul for the week 29 August to 4 September)

I completely forgot I had intended to post this yesterday, so here it is today. I wanted to say a little bit about these books and why I bought them. In future, I think I might join the Stacking the Shelves meme, but for now I'm just posting this without any fanfare.

Fables: When you come across the first two volumes of something like this, second hand and at 70% discount from the already low second-hand price, you go for it (even without the discount). I am familiar with Bill Willingham's work from The Sandman Presents (I even have a couple of the books) and am looking forward to reading these.

Bone: I have heard a lot of good things about Bone and decided to sample it by reading this book. However, it's volume 8 of 9 and I hope I will not spoil the story for myself by reading it, so maybe I'll get the rest from the library and read them in the right order.

Human Disastrophism: I have one other Love and Rockets book, a collection of Locas stories by Jaime Hernandez, but I'd heard good things about the Palomar stories of his brother Gilbert, so I got this book when I found it.

Guys & Dolls: Loved the musical, have always wanted to read the stories.

The Robert Ryan books: The 'Based on' and 'Inspired by' a true story intrigued me. After I bought them I discovered that they are a series, although they appear to be independent stories.

The remaining two I liked the look of and even if I don't read them, my mother will.


Jono said…
For me the Fables look intriguing right away.

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