Short stories 241-250

From Brazil:
“The Attendant’s Confession” by J.M. Machado de Assis. A sordid tale of murder and greed.

From Peru:
“The Legend of Pygmalion” by Ventura García-Calderón. A poetic and tragic interpretation of the Greek legend of Pygmalion and Galatea.

From Venezuela:
“Creole Democracy” by Rufino Blanco-Fombona. A rather brilliant little story about vaqueros summoned together for an election. Recommended.

From Nicaragua:
“The Deaf Satyr” by Rubén Dario. An idyll, a tale spun off from two Greek legends. About the cruelty of fate.

The remaining tales in the book are all by authors from the USA.

The Specter Bridegroom” by Washington Irving. An entertaining and subtly satirical little ghost story in the form of a fairy tale. Recommended.

Mrs. Bullfrog” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. A funny little tale about the choice of a spouse.

Journalism in Tennessee” by Mark Twain. A typically Twanian funny tall tale.

The Man and the Snake” by Ambrose Bierce. A chilling psychological tale. Recommended.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat”, by Bret Harte. About the fates of people on the fringes of society in a mining settlement in California in the mid-1800s.

The Story In It”, by Henry James. An interesting story-within-a-story.


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