New challenge for me

Looking at the books I posted in the Top Ten Books I Can't Believe I've Never Read meme, I realised that they all have something in common: these are all long books, or, in the case of Brennu-Njáls Saga, relatively long.

Since I have finished the Bibliophilic Book Challenge and am on the verge of finishing the Global Reading Challenge, this meme provides me with a new challenge: to finish the year with some of these big, fat books. To that end I have signed up for the Chunkster Challenge.

I figure I can read one chunky book per month in addition to my shorter reads, and since there are four months left in the year, I am signing up for the intermediate level: Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big? I will choose three books from the abovementioned list, and the fourth will be my final Global Reading Challenge book, Peter Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda.


Meg said…
You are not the only one! I decided to do it as well and my friend is doing it with me though she doesn't have a blog! She is already 1/2 way through her first chunky book. =) Thanks for the visit and let me know when you've finished a book or two. I'll come read your reviews!

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