Progress report for August and tentative reading plan for September

Of the books I named as possible August reads I finished Time and Again and two of the travelogues I brought home after my library visit: Gecko Tails and Botswana Time. Two of the others are going back to the library unread, but the third I would like to read this month. Additionally, I finished the Dickens biography and met the goal to read 5 TBR challenge books, but only 1 of them was a Top Mysteries Challenge book. I find myself losing interest in the Top Mysteries Challenge but I am too far in to stop now and will soldier on. The next time I follow a fixed list as a challenge, I will definitely make it a short(er) list.

As for my plans for September, there is the travelogue I mentioned above, written by an Icelander who spent many years travelling around south and central America. In the Global Reading Challenge I am at the halfway point of the Asian book, Red Sorghum by Chinese author Mo Yan. This only leaves the Oceania book, which will be Oscar and Lucinda by Australian Peter Carey. I had planned to read Potiki by New Zealander Patricia Grace, but it turned out I had already read it several years ago before I started keeping a reading journal. As a matter of fact, I had been trying to remember the author and title but had been unable to, even with help from the World Wide Web. Since I have found it, I may re-read it in September, but only maybe. I also have lined up We have always lived in the castle by Shirley Jackson.

I would also like to finish A Coffin for Dimitrios, which I have been reading little by little for several months, and Our Man in Havana, which I started reading months ago and then put on hold. Both are Top Mystery Challenge reads. In the TBR challenge I would again like to finish 5 books.

I have finished uploading a large number of "blast from the past" reviews ahead of time, one of which will be posted automatically at 9 o'clock every Monday morning until mid-January 2012. However, that doesn't mean I will not be posting anything else on Mondays - I may still post other stuff later in the day, if I have reason to. I decided to update the other stuff from the blog and will use it for fillers whenever I don't have a review or other new stuff to post.

And finally, I have a new challenge lined up, but more of than anon.


I have not planned any book for September!

Here is my August Wrap Up post!

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