Bibliophile’s reading report for April 2006

In spite of having loads of school work (did I mention that I’m about to finish my graduate studies?) I still managed to read 18 books in April. They would have been much fewer if it had not been for Easter. It’s amazing what a determined person can do over several days uninterrupted by work or classes, so I managed to finish an amazing amount of school work and read a book or two per day besides.

The Barbie Chronicles: a living doll turns forty: Yona Zeldis McDonough (social history)
The Case is Closed: Patricia Wentworth (murder mystery)
Every boy's got one: Meg Cabot (romance)
Grey Mask: Patricia Wentworth (mystery)
Latter End: Patricia Wentworth (murder mystery)
Maigret has scruples: Georges Simenon (murder mystery)
Maigret in exile: Georges Simenon (murder mystery)
The Murdered House: Pierre Magnan (murder mystery)

Belle of the Ball: Pam McCutcheon (historical romance)
The Daughter of Time: Josephine Tey (murder mystery, historical)
Desert divers: Sven Lindqvist (travel, biography)
Gulliver's Travels: Jonathan Swift (satire)
In search of Genghis Khan: Tim Severin (travel)
Jonathan Swift: a portrait: Victoria Glendinning (biography
The Loves of Lord Granton: Marion Chesney (historical romance)
Mali blues: Traveling to an African beat: Lieve Joris (travel)
Thud!: Terry Pratchett (fantasy)
When lightning strikes: Jenny Carroll (teen lit. supernatural adventure)

I am saving up some reviews to post in June to keep the blog going while I slave away at the first draft of my master's thesis. Look for reviews of some of these books then.


Maxine said…
Looking forward to reading what you make of the Daughter of Time; was a big favourite of mine once, and as a result I read anything I could get my hands on about Richard III.
Hope the thesis goes well.

Apologies by the way for commenting about Keris Stainton' reading challenge in my last comment: I completely missed the fact that you'd already listed her in your fellow-reading challengers posting -- felt a bit of an idiot once I'd realised that, which was before my comment went live, so I could not "recall" it.

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