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When I started my original challenge, I knew of 2 other bloggers with 52 book challenges (under that title). Now there are a lot more. Here is what some of them are reading. I have tried to stick to blogs that are mostly about a book-a-week challenge, or reading blogs similar to this one that include such a challenge.
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Keris Stainton has already read several books I’m interested in.
Largehearted boy’s challenge is now in its third year. Check out the previous years’ archives at the bottom of the page.
Ryan Pilling is reading one business book per week.
Exxie of Exxie’s Book Lounge is on her second round.
Marisa is “striving” to reach the goal. Here is her Book Project.
Heliologue’s challenge: A Modest Construct
People on 43 Things who have the goal of reading a book a week.
-and the ones who are reading 52 book in 52 weeks.
Scott made a new year’s resolution to read 52 books in 2006. He seems to be doing well so far.

Other reading challenges:
felynbelarra is doing a 75 book challenge.
The Library Girl is reading four books a week: . She also discusses other book and library related subjects. One of my regular stops.

If there is a reading challenge blog you want me to know about and include in this list, leave the URL in a comment and I’ll take a look at it.


Maxine said…
Hello, Did Keris Stainton get in touch with you? I discovered her blog recently, and she is doing something like your challenge., so I suggested she might like to get in touch with you (and Mapletree7 over at Book of the Day).

Here is her most recent posting about it:


all best
Bibliophile said…
Maxine, I haven't heard from her, but intend to follow her blog. She seems to have literary tastes similar to mine.
My goal at The Library Girl is to read four books a week and discuss them. Although I talk about many other things to do with books, reading, and libraries, the challenge is what drives the blog.
Maxine said…
Hello again, have finally got around to posting about your archive at http://petrona.typepad.com/petrona/2006/05/books_of_the_we.html
Sorry it took so long, you must know what it is like!
All best
Bibliophile said…
Thanks for putting more traffic my way, Maxine :-)
Mrs. Love Books said…
I'm reading lots of books and try to review them on my blog at http://www.mommysfunbooks.com/

52 books sounds like something I'd like to be a part of.

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