Last week's book haul

As I said in my Monday post, I won this book in a prize drawing, or rather, I won 12$ towards buying a book, and I chose this one.

The reason for choosing it is simple: I own a VW campervan/motorhome myself, although mine is a 2014 VW Caddy Maxi and not a classic Transporter like the cars celebrated in this book.

The classic Transporters are called "rúgbrauð" in Icelandic, which means "rye bread" and probably comes from them being shaped and proportioned like a loaf of said bread.

I haven't had a chance to read the book yet - I barely managed to leaf through it before my mother commandeered it, but what I saw looked interesting.

The other books I acquired last week were all second hand:

The Reader's Digest Book of Handicrafts or something like it exists in at least three editions I know of and I seem to recall they all have different titles but much of the content in common. I have borrowed them from various friends and relatives over the years and as a matter of fact I own another version titled Reader's Digest Crafts & Hobbes, which shares several chapters with this one. That one is an American edition and this is a British one. It doesn't seem to matter when these books were published, there is always somewhat of a hippie quality to them.

Myths of China and Japan is a nice addition to my growing library of books on world mythology.

Salt, Sugar, Fat will be an interesting follow up to Not on the Label that I read in October.

Learn to Play the Guitar.Yes please! I lost interest in learning to play an instrument when I was sent to music school as a child and told I could not immediately start on the piano like I wanted to, but had to learn to play what I thought was the most boring musical instrument ever invented: the recorder. I had to learn that first and only then could I learn to play the piano. When no piano lessons were forthcoming after two very boring semesters of the recorder, I told my mother I didn't want to do it any more, and fortunately she listened. Just lately, I have been thinking about learning to play the ukulele, but when I came across this guitar book I decided to buy it and try the guitar instead, because I can borrow one from a friend.


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