5 links on a Friday, October 28, 2016

Things found in books: 
 Just Try To Look Away From This Absurdly Flat Mouse Found In A 17th-Century Book.
The biggest thing I ever found was a 1000 krona bill. 

Organising your bookshelves:
10 Bookshelf Organization Tips To Add A Fresh Look To YourSpace.
Because I'm in the process of reorganising my library. 

Fictional books:
I would love to read some of them. 

Translating Arabic literature for a prejudiced audience:  
This is not something I have to deal with in technical translation, thank goodness.   

Scary books, because it's almost Halloween

Lists like this are always subjective, but some of these books are pretty damn scary. I've only rea 11 of them, so I have somehing to look forward to.


Shoshanah said…
1000 krona bill? That sounds like a big deal! Who says reading doesn't pay?
Bibliophile said…
It's the equivalent of finding a 10 dollar bill - or 8.84 $ at today's exchange rate.
Someone I know found a 5000 krona bill in a library book once. THAT was a big deal.

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