5 links on a Friday, 21 October 2016

Charles Dickens, Ghost Buster:
Charles Dickens Was A Real Life Ghost Buster And Member Of The World's Oldest Paranormal Research Group. Arthur Conan Doyle was also a member.

I wonder if Q was involved in this?
MIT Invented a Camera That Can Read Closed Books.

The value of reading truly bad books:
The good side of bad books. Funny.

The bad books discussion continued by a blogger and various commenters: 
The good side of bad books, linked and expanded on. This is funnier. And occasionally nasty.

Fun with medieval manuscripts:
Some staff members of the Getty Museum would post a picture from a manuscript once a week and ask people to caption them, and then they would explain what was really going on in the pictures. I unfortunately only discovered this when they were winding it down, but here are all the entries for your perusal.


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