Short stories 181-185

How Lazaro Served a Bulero” by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Originally a chapter from Lazarillo de Tormes. A story about a scoundrel and seller of papal indulgences that rings very true, considering what I have read about them. I think I’ll put Lazarillo de Tormes on my reading list, because I love me a good picaresque tale. (in the link, scroll to the chapter "How Lazaro Went to Work for a Pardoner and the Things That Happened to Him Then" - obviously this is not the same translation as the one I read)

“Guzman and My Lord Cardinal” by Mateo Alemán. Originally a chapter from Guzmán de Alfarache , another famous early picaresque novel. In this narrative Guzman, the narrator, is hoist with his own petard when he tries to swindle a Cardinal of the Roman church who turns out to be a truly good man.

“Rinconete and Cortadillo” by Miguel de Cervantes. Originally from the Exemplary Novels. A funny little picaresque, written in the florid language of a courtly Romance with the low-life characters behaving as if they were knights or aristocrats, and thus a pretty good parody. Recommended.

The Tall Woman” by Pedro Antonio de Alarcon. A creepy story that is best read aloud to a group of people on a foggy night for full effect. Recommended. (This appears to be the same translation. The links opens a pdf file).

Maese Pérez, the Organist” by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. A nicely inventive ghost story. Recommended. This appears to be the same translation. The links opens a pdf file).


George said…
I enjoy your short story reviews. The best short story collection that I've read lately is Ben Greenman's What He's Poised to Do: Stories.

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